Terrible Dating Profiles

Terrible Dating Profiles #8

BRB, throwing my phone into a river.

Terrible Dating Profiles #6

We must say 'no' to the Devs of this world.

Terrible Dating Profiles #5

Have I mentioned I hate dating?

Terrible Dating Profiles #4: OKCupid Messages - Special Edition

Go on OkCupid, they said, it'll be fun, they said.

Dutch Tinder dating profile

Terrible Dating Profiles #3

The country may be in chaos, but the number of terrible dating profiles is strong and stable.

Terrible Dating Profiles #2

I think I've found the worst one ever.

Terrible Dating Profiles #1

The very first time I roast terrible dating profiles for fun.

Please send any terrible dating profiles you've seen on a dating app recently to me at imogengblake@gmail.com either anonymously or with the name you want me to credit the image with.

I muzz all personal details including faces from dating profiles to protect the privacy of the unsuspecting people who made them.

I am a straight cis woman so my posts will be of terrible male profiles - but guest submissions are welcome and encouraged from absolutely everyone. It would be wonderful to roast as diverse a range of terrible dating profiles as possible :)